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Did you know that the real estate industry has created more millionaires than any other industry that exists? 

Yes, it’s true! And, we’ve figured out one of the most underrated strategies in the real estate industry - MOBILE HOMES!
In the last 2 years, we’ve personally made a profit of over $2,000,000 by acquiring and reselling mobile home properties - all during the middle of a housing crisis.
Ready to learn how to jump into an undertapped industry, have an income stream that booms during a recession and secure your financial future in as soon as 5 weeks? 

This one is a no brainer!

Our program is super simple and it's because of that simplicity you'll learn how to get through any market conditions and increase your profits - no matter what.
And we have a team of certified Mobile Home Elite Coaches to help you every step of the way.
Because we work so closely with you, our Elite Fast Track Program is exclusive to serious investors and beginners who want to learn how to become serious mobile home investors. 
🚫If you're like "Fast Jerry" - chasing shiny objects and looking for a quick get rich scheme, this is not it.
🚫And, if you're "Sandy the couch potato" - not ready to put in the work as outlined in the program, this is not the right investment for you.
There is no point wasting your money and our time. If you're ready to learn how to become a six-figure mobile home investor or create a profitable side hustle, this program is for you.


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Meet Sharnice & Byron

The owners of Mobile Home Elite Investors Byron Sellers and Sharnice Williams came into the mobile home business by fate. Their journey began on 3/3/2017. That was the day that Byron was fired from his job. Shortly agter Sharnice was laid off from her job at the Chicago Gas Company.The two experienced financial hardships. With their backs against the wall, they decided they had nothing to lose and took the leap of faith into being full time entrepreneurs.

Once she realized that she just made half of her previous annual salary in a month she was convinced that they were on the right path. Her and Byron have been full steam ahead in the mobile home industry ever since.

The couple has built a million dollar moblie home portfolio and developed the top educational platform online to educate investors on the industry.  In 2021, they sold 1 of their mobile home parks for 3.2M.

Meet Nichole!

Nichole Briscoe is an Entrepreneur as well as a Mobile Home and Real Estate Investor. A native of Portsmouth, VA, she earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work from Norfolk State University and her Master’s Degree in Social Work from North Carolina Central University.

Her desire and spark for investing was ignited by an interest for Fixing and Flipping houses. As she began her education in regards to Real Estate, Nichole would try her hand at wholesaling homes. In the midst of learning the in’s and out’s of wholesaling, she was introduced to Mobile Home Investing.

Now, in a short amount of time, Nichole has attained and sold mobile homes and placed those homes in multiple Mobile Home Parks. Nichole uses savvy, cost-effective methods which she will continue to use as she is now apart of the Mobile Home Elite Investor family!