Build Massive Wealth with Mobile Home Investing-- Real Estate's Most Untapped Goldmine!


Are you ready to start your real estate business? Then it’s time you started investing in mobile homes. Keep your funds in the bank and learn how you can build a highly profitable business – all with little to no money down and with a team of professionals to support your success!



Real Estate Investing Doesn’t Need to Be Expensive

In fact, you can earn more cash from your investments by specifically investing in mobile homes. Why? We’ll let you in on a secret: the mobile home market is continuously overlooked. This means less competition for you and more opportunity to earn big.
Get your very first property (or add to your existing portfolio) by working smarter (not harder) with the MEIH Institute’s mobile home investing course. Start your business with less money down than “traditional” real estate investing and scale your business quickly with the MHEI Institute!
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Are you ready to transform your life and finally leave the 9-5 behind? Begin your path to financial freedom with our beginner-friendly mobile home investing course today!




If the stories below sound familiar to you, then the official Mobile Home Investing Course can help you too!

Are you new to real estate and don’t have a lot of cash to put down?

Do you want to create a solid plan to retire early and live the laid-back life you’ve always dreamed of?

Do you want to finally have financial freedom, not just for yourself, but for your family and future generations to come?

Then, the first step is to create generational wealth by learning how to invest in mobile home parks.

Since beginning the very first versions of the course back in 2018, we’ve helped thousands of students completely transform their lives.

These are their students, and these are their stories. And if the official MHEI program worked for them, then it can work for you too!


In reality, these testimonials aren’t even 1% of what our students have achieved! Join instructors (and active investors) Byron and Sharnice Sellers inside their exclusive guide of mobile home investing for beginners!

Learn all the strategies for starting—and growing—your very own mobile home investing business with the proven tactics that Byron and Sharnice are using right now!


“We went from making $39,000 a year to  $3.2 million dollars in assets!”

Meet Your Instructors: Byron and Sharnice


Byron and Sharnice Sellers are the founders and owners of Mobile Home Elite Investors. Their journey started back in 2017. That year, Sharnice was making $39,000 a year and Byron lost his job and was driving Lyft. Fast forward to 2021, when they were able to sell just one of their mobile home parks for $3.2 million dollars!

Here’s how they did it, and how you can too:


Things went from bad to worse on March 3, 2017.

That was the day that Byron was fired from his job. Shortly after Sharnice was laid off from her job at the Chicago Gas Company.

What would you do if you were in their situation?

Under those circumstances, they did what most people would if almost all their income was suddenly cut short—they started to panic, and honestly, who could blame them?
Byron and Sharnice needed a solution FAST—bills were piling up and they weren’t slowing down any time soon. One day, Sharnice stumbled upon the idea of investing in mobile homes online. She was intrigued, did some homework on the subject, ran the numbers, and shared the idea with Byron.
It was then that Byron saw the same vision Sharnice did and decided to do something crazy. Maybe it would work. Or, maybe it would ruin them financially. But there was only one way to find out.

Turning risk into reward

That week, Byron took out a high-interest personal loan, paying a whopping 24.99% interest rate. If this didn’t go well, his already not-so-great credit could plummet even further. And he and Sharnice could be in an even worse position than when they started.
With those risky borrowed funds, Byron and Sharnice bought not one but two mobile homes—and they did it with less than $5,000.
In fact, the very first home they purchased was only $500, while the second home was priced at $3,900. With a little elbow grease and a make-or-break it attitude, Sharnice and Byron sold the homes for a grand profit of $19,500 a month later!

What the couple used to making less than $40,000 a year, being able to make half that amount in a month was absolutely insane! They hit the jackpot by learning how to invest in mobile parks—and now you can too by using their step-by-step system.
Soon after that first investment, more deals (and more mistakes) followed. Their trial-and-error led to the wisdom taught in the Mobile Home Elite Investor’s Institute, which is where Byron and Sharnice work together to teach other aspiring investors how to get started.
Your investment doesn’t have to be as risky as theirs and you don’t have to repeat any of their mistakes. Finally, you can learn how to make your money work for you all without the high initial investments of traditional real estate!



Are mobile homes a good investment in 2023? Can this type of investment REALLY work for you?


You might be thinking to yourself, “are mobile homes a good investment?” The answer is YES, especially now with sky-high interest rates and the increased costs of living.
As inflation skyrockets, mobile homes are continuously growing in popularity as an affordable housing solution. As a result, both tenants and home buyers are all looking for a more affordable way to live. Learn how to position yourself as the solution they need by selling and renting affordable manufactured homes!

Here’s What You’ll Learn Inside the FREE Training:

💸Strategies for identifying and evaluating profitable investment opportunities
💸Techniques for financing and managing your manufactured home properties
💸The core essentials of manufactured home investing and how to get started.


💸Strategies for identifying and evaluating profitable investment opportunities.
💸What market research is and how to use it to choose your deals.
💸The most up-to-date information on what investors are doing today.
💸How you can gain access to our supportive network of like-minded investors for collaborations.

Mobile homes are the red-hot real estate niche that almost no one is talking about. Therefore, savvy investors like you can face less competition and enjoy higher cash-on-cash returns!

Learn what it takes to invest in mobile home parks successfully. Earn positive income, change lives, and make more than you ever thought you could by finally investing in real estate using mobile or manufactured homes today!


Not convinced yet? Check out more of our testimonials

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Here’s What You’ll Learn Inside the Mobile Home Investing

  • The essentials of manufactured home investing
  • How to find your first Mobile Home in 5 Days
  • Strategies for identifying and evaluating profitable investment opportunities.
  • Techniques for financing and managing your manufactured properties.
  • How to do your due diligence and conduct market research.
  • The most current investment strategies professionals are using today
  • How to buy manufactured homes with no money down
  • Where to prospect for mobile homes in-person and online

You’ll also receive…

  • Access to our community of like-minded individuals for collaborations and partnerships (valued at $1197/year
  • The Mobile Home Investing eBook (valued at $97
  • Mobile Home Investing 5- Day Starter Course (valued at $197)
  • How to flip, buy and hold, and buy properties with $0 money down (valued at $497
  • Homework assignments for you to take action (valued at $497)

TOTAL VALUE: $1997 but can be yours if you enroll today at the discounted price of just $397

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  • Mobile Home Investing Course
  • Mobile Home Investing eBook
  • Mobile Home Investing 5- Day Starter Course
  • Learn how to find your first Mobile Home in 5 Days
  • Learn how to get started with Mobile Home Investing through flipping, wholesaling, and Buy & Hold investment strategies
  • Declare your mobile home goals
  • Homework assignments for you to take action
  • Learn no money down strategies
  • Learn how to prospect on Craigslist
  • Learn how to prospect on Facebook Marketplace


The Mobile Home Society


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  • Access to everything inside of the course bundle
  • Access to live weekly training sessions
  • Deal Submission Review
  • Access to MHEI Institute (Mobile Homes on Land, Mobile Home Park Investing, Mobile Home Investing in Parks)
  • MHEI Mobile Home Investing Courses
  • Private MHEI Society Community
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  • Bonus- Best Seller ebook, "How to Flip a Mobile Home for Cash"

What if I decide the Mobile Home Investing Course isn’t for me?

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