What would I do to make my first $10,000 in Mobile Home Investing?

No More Worrying About How to Acquire Wealth. We’ve utilized one of the most underrated assets in the real estate industry - MOBILE HOMES! Learn the framework we used to generate 3.2 million in assets within 5 years in the Mobile Home Industry.

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What you'll learn from the webinar:

Which Investing Strategy to Use in Mobile Homes to Make your First $10K.

We will provide you with case studies on how some of our students have made $10k within 30 days of starting their mobile home investing journey

How Mobile Home Investing is a Recession Proof & Low Competition Business

Mobile Home Investing is a billion dollar industry and  the gateway to real estate investing. Learn secrets about how Mobile Home Investing is your ticket to building wealth

How to Create Passive Income with Mobile Home Investing

Create Passive Income and Large Returns of Investments from flipping Mobile Homes and structuring deals on payments.

Why Mobile Home Investing vs Single Family Home Investing

Learn why Mobile Home Investing is the highest Cash on Cash return of any form of Real Estate Investing.

 Hear from our students!

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Real estate is the avenue to wealth and a life of freedom though it seems so difficult to accomplish.

That’s where mobile home investing comes in.


We were where you are right now about 5 years ago…

BUT investing in Mobile Homes shifted our trajectory forever🙌🏾

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Hey, We’re Byron and Sharnice & We Went From 0 to 3.2 million in assets within 5 years With Mobile Home Investing 

We’re the founders of Mobile Home Elite Investors where ordinary people like you come to learn how to attain, manage, and grow wealth in practical, simple steps.

We've taught over 10,000 students how to start a Mobile Home Investing business and earn multiple six-figures in revenue.

Our institute has helped our students become six-figure earners and make their first 5 figures within 45 days of starting Mobile Home Investing.

Our goal is to help as many of our people as humanly possible to get this bag and change their legacy forever. 

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From fix and flips, to buy and holds, we’re showing you the ropes to claim investor success once and for all.

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Copyright © 2022 Mobile Home Elite Investors